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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Things to Ask and Look For When Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is one of those curious things that many people think they are familiar with simply because it’s mentioned so often. You hear about bankruptcy on the news, in films and TV shows – just about everywhere. It’s mentioned so often, that people believe they know how it works when they really don’t. If they find themselves in difficult financial circumstances they often think about bankruptcy – but have no idea how to go about choosing an attorney to advise them. Here are a few things that you should ask about when choosing a bankruptcy attorney. PRINT THIS OUT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU VISIT a Bankruptcy Attorney.

Any attorney, technically, can help you with filing for bankruptcy – but you want one that focuses on bankruptcies. Ask for their bona fides and avoid anyone who advertises in a wide range of fields.
Make certain that they’re familiar with the bankruptcy code revision of 2005 with some questions. If they can’t answer immediately and coherently, they aren’t the right choice.  (Bankruptcy is the only type of law we do and we've been doing it for over ten years btw)

To avoid getting caught in the gears of a “bankruptcy mill” that handles a high volume of cases for low fees and with low attention and effectiveness.  Your financial issues are unique and you shouldn't accept anyone who treats your situation the same as all the others.

The Feel
Finally, only you can decide if you get the right “feeling” from an attorney – but don’t ignore that gut instinct. It feels unscientific, but if you’re not comfortable with your attorney it won’t work out as planned. Remember the initial consultation is as much for you to judge the attorney and decide if you want to work with them as it is for them to judge you.

The Fee
It’s not only polite to ask about the fee you’ll be paying for your bankruptcy filing, it’s essential. After all, if you are broke, finding the money to pay a bankruptcy law firm is a natural concern. However, no good bankruptcy law firm is going to be able to give you a price over the phone. If a firm does, they are basically telling you that a 21 year old kid with 10k in debt is going to get the same attention and effort as a 52 year old business woman with three businesses and a warehouse. However, once you sit in front of the law firm, you should expect a written price quote and an understanding of what is covered (and yes, we offer payment plans)

Choosing the wrong bankruptcy lawyer can put you in a deeper hole. Take your time, and consider carefully.  To schedule your free consulation call 305-663-3281


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